Nikon ML-L3 remote

This review is for: ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control (Infrared)

I purchased this remote control for my D5000 and I love it. I use it to get clearer pictures of the moon and stars when I am using my 500mm lens,when trying to take the same shots without it they would always turn out just a little blurry. One of my other favorite uses is taking family photos which are now a breeze as we can all be in the picture and I no longer have to set a timer and hope we are all in place before it takes the picture. The battery life is exceptional as I have been using the same battery for about a year so far and although I don’t use my camera everyday I do take a few hundred pictures a week and the remote gets used at least 25% of the time (you can tell I use mine a lot by how beat up it is, I did not buy it in this condition). The  remote uses a CR2025 battery or a similar model number. You can find the list of the other Nikon cameras this remote is compatible with by clicking this link.


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