This LinGear DVD burner is fantastic!

This review is for: LinGear USB 3.0 Portable External Slot CD/DVD-RW Burner Writer with Built-in USB Cable for Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or other Laptop/Desktops – Silver

I have been building and repairing computers for almost 20 years and this is the most impressive DVD burner I have seen to date. There were reports of issues with Windows 10 however any issues they had with compatibility with Windows 10 in the past has been resolved because I plugged it in and it powered right up. I grabbed a Philips DVD-R popped it in and burned a music video. Once it was done burning the video I played it through windows media player and VLC and both played the video just fine for me. The drive is really quiet for an external DVD burner. I was curious if it would run while at an angle etc. so I put the DVD in and hit play and while it was playing I turned the drive on its right side, then the left side, then the backside and finally I flipped it upside down and it continued to play the entire time with no skips. I even shook the player from side to side while it was playing and still no skips. The way I was able to get it to skip was by dropping it onto my desk, when I dropped it the DVD skipped and the video stopped playing for a couple of seconds then it continued playing as if nothing had happened, I uploaded a video of me shaking the player and dropping it to YouTube and you can watch it by clicking this link. Sorry if the music is not to your liking it was the first video I grabbed. The one thing I was not pleased with on this purchase was the way it was packaged inside the box. When I opened the box the DVD drive was loose inside the box and the areas that were supposed to hold it in place were ripped out allowing the burner the ability to flop around inside the box during shipping and you can see what I mean in my pictures.


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