I have found a comfortable headset.

This review is for: Honstek G9 Gaming Headset, USB and 3.5mm Stereo Surround LED Lighting Vibration Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control, Compatible for Laptop PC Computer (Black/White)

The G9 gaming headset by Honstek is fantastic! When I first picked them up I was a little worried because they are so light but once I put them on and started playing my game I was pleasantly surprised at just how great they sound. Finally I am able to listen to music and my games in what seems to be surround sound. My old headset was missing the foam and hurt my ears but these are like wearing pillows with speakers inside. The part on top has a spring like system in it and when wearing them there is zero pressure on top of my head so I dont get tired of wearing them after a little bit. I love the light on the end of the mic so when I have to take a drink of water I no longer hit my mic with the glass. The lights on the side are really neat and I like the button on the headset that turns them off and works as what seems to be a bass boost. in the package there was also an adapter that allows you to use these with your phone. My wife says she can hear me perfectly and she had no idea I was wearing a headset until i told her. I only have two complaints about the headset and they have more to do with what I am used to more than anything else. First one is that the volume switch is on the back of the left ear and anytime I adjust or pull that ear off to hear my wife when she comes in the room I hit the switch and either turn it up to full volume or down to no volume, I really wish the switch was on the cord. The second thing I wish I could change about them is for the cord to be attached to the right side of the headset so the cord doesn’t drape across my chest. Neither of these affect usability Even with those two minor things I still love them! Thank you Honstek for another quality product! If you decide to buy a pair you can choose from three different colors, Black, Black/Silver, and Black/White; I just happened to prefer the white ones.

I received a discount on these headphones.


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