Finally a wedding ring I can wear almost all the time.

This review is for: MEN’S SILICONE WEDDING RING- Medical Rubber Wedding Ring Band for Active husband by LCH Signs- Signature Engraved Inside means Love, Commitment, Happiness- Black, Navy Blue & Silver

I have been with my wife for 16 years this month and I have had a couple of different wedding rings due to different circumstances (weight loss/gain, anniversary, etc.) and it has been expensive over the years. Now I have the perfect ring to wear. I have also been unable to wear my wedding ring at work due to working in dangerous environments where it is easy to lose a finger if you were wearing a metal ring that has no give. With this silicone ring I don’t have to worry about that anymore as the silicone would give way before my finger would. I opted to go with the blue as I like blue for one and also I want it to stand out. I chose the largest size available which was an 11 and even though I need a 13 the ring actually fits quite well and is not as tight as I thought it would be at first. Once I had it on for a couple of hours I really forget it is there because it is so comfortable where as with a metal ring it hits everything I touch and I am constantly reminded I am wearing it. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it today and my friends were all intrigued by it and a couple have decided to get their own. Embossed inside the ring is the size and LCH signs. I love the thought behind the name of the ring and it describes my relationship to a T. Also I don’t have to remove my ring when I am lifting weights or riding my bike as the silicone has give to it and doesn’t cause uncomfortable pinch points. Apparently the LCH stands for Love, Happiness, and Commitment.

Update: So I have been wearing this ring for a few weeks or so and I have found that unlike a normal ring there is no movement of the silicone ring at all and with that there is no way for your skin underneath the ring to breathe so in my case I have found that if I take the ring off while I sleep my finger has time to breath. I also found out that a small percentage of people will have an allergic reaction to prolonged contact with silicone.



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