Nice way to brighten your day!

This review is for: Acidea 6W Dimmable LED Filament Candle Light Bulb, 2700K Warm White 600LM,E12 Candlestick Base Lamp, C35 Flame Shape Bent Tip, 60W Incandescent Equivalent, 1 Pack

This is a great light bulb. It doesn’t get hot like the old bulb I had in the light, due to the heat I was unable to use the light for long periods of time as I was afraid it would damage the cover now I don’t have to worry about it. Another good thing about this bulb is that it is brighter than the old one but it is not overly bright and since the LED’s are made like filaments the output of light is much smoother and even throughout the room than a normal LED would be. I used the flash in one of my pictures so it has a bluish tint but that has nothing to do with the light bulb. Also this bulb has the smaller base so make sure yours takes the candelabra type. I love the fact that this bulb looks similar to the Edison style bulbs and that it can be used with a dimmer enabled lamp. My lamp does not have the dimmer feature so i am unable to test that part of the bulb but I have not doubt that it works as advertised.


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