I love my new USB cables.

This review is for: Micro USB Cable,ESeekGo 2 Pack 6.6Ft Samsung Galaxy S7 Charger Cable Dirtproof Braided Charger for Samsung On 5,S7 edge,Note 5 (2M/6.6Ft Black+White)

I received this set of micro USB cables and so far they are wonderful. They plugged into my phone and my tablet with no fitment issues as some cheaper cables seem to do and both charged as normal. The nylon braided material on the outside is really nice especially if you are like me and charge your phone on the nightstand, I opened one of the drawers and accidentally closed the drawer on the cable pinching it (it has happened before) the nylon protected the cable where as the rubber covered ones can be broken when pinched in a drawer. The other great thing is the extra length of the cable. Now I have a charger next to the couch, my previous cable was kind of short so it wouldn’t reach around the couch but these give me the extra length needed. Now I can charge my Xbox controller while I am playing without the cable being draped across the room.

I received these free of charge.


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