Easily swap micro SD cards anytime you need.

This review is for: Micro SD card reader (No longer available)

This is a great little unit and as I have multiple micro SD cards this is a much needed and used item in my office. Just like other units on the market it doesn’t require any software and just works right out of the package. It has a small loop at one end that you can attach a strap to but I just leave it plugged in all the time so a strap would just be in my way. I do like that it comes with a cover so you can keep it protected in case you drop it in your pocket or attach it to your key chain. The one part I was disappointed about what that when you insert the micro SD into the unit it sits very loosely inside and it is possible to rock the card from side to side. You can also insert it upside down if you are not paying attention, now if you do nothing bad will happen the card just wont work is all. I popped the unit apart to see if I could see why it sits loosely inside and found that part the card slides into is just small is all. I was able to put the unit back together with ease and it stays together. Now with all of my nitpicking being said as long as you insert the card the right way up and straight it will work flawlessly and that looseness is helpful in that you can easily switch micro SD cards without removing the unit from the USB slot. All in all I am happy with this purchase and this product and I wish I would have gotten 2 or 3 of them. The shipping took a long time as I ordered on the 18th of Sept. and it arrived on the 8th of Oct. but I expected that as I knew it was coming from overseas and the shipping time didn’t affect my rating at all.



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