Easy to use cable tester.

This review is for: ELEGIANT RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester Multifunction Wire Tracker Check Wire Measuring Instrument

I enjoy working on computers but I hate trying to find why a wired connection isn’t working so I got this cable tester. It comes with a transmitter and a receiver and a couple of adapter cables. The sound the receiver makes is very audible and distinctive and there is a headphone jack on the side to make it even easier to hear, also there is a flashlight under the tip and a volume switch on the front. The transmitter has a few different options; Network, Scan, Tone and Continuity. Both transmitter and receiver take a 9v battery and the cover has a screw to keep it secure. Although I don’t need this item every day it has come in handy in trying to track down a bad wire and it will stay in my toolbox.



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