No longer will my cuffs flap in the breeze.

This review is for: Zealmer Laser Engraving Classic Silver Cufflinks Set for French Sleeve Dress Shirts with Gift Box

These cuff links are very classy and they really shine when the light hits them. The latch folds in and out with just the right amount of pressure, not easy enough that they will fall out but not so tough that you have to fight with them. They arrived in a beautiful box and inside was a nice velvet type lining, a cleaning cloth and the beautiful cuff links. The design is stunning and the difference between the brushed and polished metal is really noticeable. I believe these may be made from stainless steel as I was unable to find and kind of hallmark even when using a jewelers loupe. There is no legal stamping requirement for non-precious metals, such as tungsten, stainless steel, and titanium. The only down fall I can see is the fact that there was no option to get a tie tack that matches them, so I will have to try and find something that is similar. With that being said it does not retract from the way I feel about the cuff links. I still love them very much and think they look fantastic. I will wear them with pride.

I received these free of charge.


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