Phone no longer on the floorboard.

This review is for: Car Mount, Gaoye Car Accessories Windshied Car Mount Universal Adjustable Car Cradle Strong Suction Cup Phone Holder for iPhone Samsung HTC Moto Sony Smartphones Gps Holder (Grey)

This is a great mount. The arms that hold your phone are spring loaded and they hold it nice and tight. The suction cup holds to the windshield nicely and doesn’t slip or fall down as you drive. I found it especially helpful as I have an older truck that does not have a GPS unit installed. Now instead of laying my phone in a cup holder and worrying about it falling on the floor I can attach it securely to the windshield and actually be able to see the GPS if needed. I was unable to find anything to complain about with this product. I used my wife’s phone in the pictures but it fits my phone in it’s case as well. On the mount it says “Air vent mount” but I was unable to see anyway it would mount to anything except the windshield or a smooth piece of plastic.



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