Great battery for small electronics.

This review is for: 5pcs/lot 3.7v 180mah 25c Lipo Battery for Syma S105 S107G S108 RC helicopter

I picked up these batteries because of their size. I have some small electronics I needed to run off of a battery and these were perfect for the space I had in mind. If you buy these make sure you know how to solder wires as they do not have a connector on the end, for my needs that worked out well. They are 1 inch by 3/4 of an inch and only 3/16 inch thick so they will fit pretty much anywhere you need them to. I ran a couple of them through a few cycles (never discharging them completely) and they held a charge very well. I put one in an mp3 player and got about three and a half hours of life out of it where as with the old battery I would only get about an hour before it would stop working. All in all a great buy.



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