Find your pets favorite “places” in your home.

This review is for: FOXNOV 12 LED UV Blacklight Flashlight Pet Urine Stain Detector, 395nm with 3 AAA Batteries

This UV flashlight is super bright even with the lights on you can still see it. I love the fact that it came with the batteries in the package so I didn’t have to go buy any right away. The exterior is a very sturdy metal and there are o-rings at every joint making the light virtually water proof. There was a wrist strap attached when it arrived and the push button on the bottom is easy to use and has a very tactile cover on it. The button also clicks pretty loudly so there is no mistake that you pushed it. There are 12 LED’s and they are super bright. I took a picture of a rug on the porch my dogs lie on and I was able to find a spot so I put a nice red circle around it to make it easier to see and the picture was taken in full daylight. Not only can this be used for pet urine stains but you can also hunt for scorpions (their body will glow under the UV light) and if you are staying in a hotel room you can search for bed bugs before sleeping in it. This light will be going with me on my future trips. The picture of the scorpion in the hand is not mine I found it online, I was unable to find any scorpions locally so I was unable to do this part myself.

I received this product free of charge.


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