Never under cook your meat again.

This review is for: Meat Thermometer ,Besitek Super Fast Digital Electronic Food Thermometer Cooking Thermometer Barbecue Instand Read Meat/Candy/BBQ Thermometer with Probe for Oven/Grill Food Cooking- Orange

I have an old analog meat thermometer but I have been wanting to try a new digital one so I picked this one up and so far I am quite pleased with it. The color makes it very easy to spot in a cluttered drawer of utensils and the flip out probe makes it very safe to use as you don’t have to worry about accidentally sticking yourself with it. I decided to make hamburgers today so I could test it out (I love new kitchen items!). When it is inserted it doesn’t take long for the readout to climb to the temperature and the readout is very easy to read. You can switch from C to F with relative ease, you have to take out the single AAA battery (one is not included) and there is a small switch at the top of the battery compartment you have to flip and once the battery is reinstalled it will read the type of temp you want. There are two buttons and on/off button and a hold button, not sure what type of situation a hold button would be needed but features are always nice to have. Also it will not work unless the probe is out, in the closed position nothing happen. I find that to be a fantastic feature as I don’t have to worry about it accidentally turning on in the drawer and running the battery down.
The only minor complaints I have is that the screen easily fogs up when using it over a hot pan but it is still readable and the other thing is the battery door doesn’t lock into place very well. Even with those minor issues I still love this thermometer and I am going to enjoy using it!


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