Stylish way to never get lost while riding.

This review is for: NOPNOG Bicycle Phone Holder for iPhone 5s/6/6s Plus Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 GPS 360 Rotating Support Adjustable Universal Handlebear Bike Mount

This is a fantastic phone holder. My phone fit perfectly inside the clamps and the silicone straps hold the phone very tightly in the holder. The silicone straps allow extra room for larger size phones and phones in cases. I recommend when putting your phone in that you put opposite corners in first so the phone stays level. The clamp is very easy to use and has multiple settings to allow for smaller or larger handle bars and the angle is easily adjusted. It came with removable rubber strips in the clamp to keep the holder from slipping. I went for a ride in the woods and even on the rough ground the holder held my phone secure. I tried to find a fault with this holder but I was unable to. Sorry the one picture is a little blurry as my wife’s phone doesn’t take the best pics.

I received this product free of charge.



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