Awesome inexpensive watch.

This review is for: Megir Men’s Quartz Watch Wristwatch with Striped Nylon Band, Black

I have a decent sized watch collection with everything from Omega to Timex but I have not heard of this brand until now. I was very happy when I took it out of the box and started looking it over. It has a very nice gold color finish on the bezel, strap keepers, and the buckle. The band is a very nice nylon and is colored in a deep navy blue and red. I like the black face as it goes with pretty much anything you might be wearing. It does have a chronograph and it does function very well, there is also a date feature between the 4 and 5 positions. I decided to take the back off so I could check out the internals and I was very impressed, unlike some other watches in the same price range, the inside of the watch is very well put together and runs off of a SR920SW battery and has no jewels. I did not expect to see any jewels in the mechanism so that is not a surprise nor is it a letdown in any way. The pins holding the band on are pre-bent to allow room for the band to move when needed without bending or damaging them. Inside the back case of the watch is a rubber ring to help with the water resistance.

Now I will move on to the bad parts of the watch. The pictures I took were all taken within minutes of opening the package. With that being said I noticed right away some damage to the gold colored plating on the chronograph buttons. It appears to have been scraped off at some point so I checked the box and there was nothing that could have made the marks of scraped the plating off. I contacted the seller about the issue so they could be on the lookout in the future and they were very apologetic. I was also very disappointed that the band was quite small and it barely fit on my wrist. The band of course can be replaced at another time with a larger band once I find one I like. I also mentioned this to the rep I spoke to. I didn’t find anything else to complain about with this watch.

I received this watch free of charge.


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