Fake Samsung SD card from eBay

First I want to apologize to all my followers and readers for my absence, life gets in the way sometimes. Now on to the review.

So I purchased a supposed Samsung 128GB SD card on eBay from a seller named 84f_lola and after receiving the card I installed it in my phone and it read that the card was 128GB. I only realized there was an issue when the card would not save any of my pictures I took. I ran a flash test on it and found that the card was actually a 131.9355Mb card. If you decide to purchase a SD card on eBay make sure you test it before leaving any kind of feedback. I stupidly left feedback when my phone recognized it as the size stated on the package. I really hope this helps someone avoid this issue in the future. As for me I will be purchasing items like this from conventional brick and mortar stores in the future even if they cost a little more.Here is a link to 84f_lolas profile on eBay.

As they say buyer beware.



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