Fake Samsung SD card from eBay

First I want to apologize to all my followers and readers for my absence, life gets in the way sometimes. Now on to the review.

So I purchased a supposed Samsung 128GB SD card on eBay from a seller named 84f_lola and after receiving the card I installed it in my phone and it read that the card was 128GB. I only realized there was an issue when the card would not save any of my pictures I took. I ran a flash test on it and found that the card was actually a 131.9355Mb card. If you decide to purchase a SD card on eBay make sure you test it before leaving any kind of feedback. I stupidly left feedback when my phone recognized it as the size stated on the package. I really hope this helps someone avoid this issue in the future. As for me I will be purchasing items like this from conventional brick and mortar stores in the future even if they cost a little more.Here is a link to 84f_lolas profile on eBay.

As they say buyer beware.



Never let your food spoil again!

This review is for: FreshProtector 3-Piece Vacuum Sealer Bags Set, 8-Inch

These vacuum bags are wonderful. These bags rival the name brand bags; these are just as sturdy and work exactly the same as the originals that came with our sealer. The price of these bags are a little better than the name brand ones but the best part is I can have these shipped right to the house. After using these and the name brand bags it was difficult to tell which bag was which, as far as quality goes. I will be getting more of these in some of the larger sizes.


Awesome inexpensive watch.

This review is for: Megir Men’s Quartz Watch Wristwatch with Striped Nylon Band, Black

I have a decent sized watch collection with everything from Omega to Timex but I have not heard of this brand until now. I was very happy when I took it out of the box and started looking it over. It has a very nice gold color finish on the bezel, strap keepers, and the buckle. The band is a very nice nylon and is colored in a deep navy blue and red. I like the black face as it goes with pretty much anything you might be wearing. It does have a chronograph and it does function very well, there is also a date feature between the 4 and 5 positions. I decided to take the back off so I could check out the internals and I was very impressed, unlike some other watches in the same price range, the inside of the watch is very well put together and runs off of a SR920SW battery and has no jewels. I did not expect to see any jewels in the mechanism so that is not a surprise nor is it a letdown in any way. The pins holding the band on are pre-bent to allow room for the band to move when needed without bending or damaging them. Inside the back case of the watch is a rubber ring to help with the water resistance.

Now I will move on to the bad parts of the watch. The pictures I took were all taken within minutes of opening the package. With that being said I noticed right away some damage to the gold colored plating on the chronograph buttons. It appears to have been scraped off at some point so I checked the box and there was nothing that could have made the marks of scraped the plating off. I contacted the seller about the issue so they could be on the lookout in the future and they were very apologetic. I was also very disappointed that the band was quite small and it barely fit on my wrist. The band of course can be replaced at another time with a larger band once I find one I like. I also mentioned this to the rep I spoke to. I didn’t find anything else to complain about with this watch.

I received this watch free of charge.

Great unit for not a lot of money.

This review is for: Drillpro Flexible Drill Drive Shaft Silverline Rotary Power Tool Accessories Flex Flexible Screwdriver Drill for Dremel Wen etc


I compared this unit to my Dremel version and I was presently surprised at the quality of this unit. The plastic of the handle felt the same as the name brand and the sheathing on the outside feels like a quality covering. I like that this one came with the metal springs on each end to keep the cable from binding where as my name brand does not have the same feature. The one part I was very disappointed about was that this unit did not come with any tools (where as my name brand version came with the necessary tools) to loosen the lock nut, it should have a small wrench and pin to lock and loosen the lock nut. If you don’t have the small wrench that came with your Dremel then you will have to use a pair of pliers to loosen the lock nut and a small screw driver in place of the pin. This would have been a 5 star review IF it had come with the required tools as not everyone will have them just lying around or in their Dremel bag. The actual operation of the unit was very comparable to the name brand and it worked flawlessly even on the highest speed.

If you have never used one of these before I will explain it. you first remove the nut on the end of your Dremel and loosen the lock nut for your cut off wheels etc then slip the small inner cable of this unit into the lock nut and tighten it then just screw this onto your Dremel. On the other end of this unit you have a similar lock nut for your attachments and you just insert the pin into the hole near the end to keep the lock nut from spinning then loosen the lock nut, insert your attachment and tighten the lock nut.


Fitbit doesn’t fall off anymore.

Another awesome product from I-Smile. I bought these for my sister-in-law and they are almost identical to the original ones you get from Fitbit. The tracker fits inside perfectly and the bands are pliable like the originals. the best part is they have an actual buckle to keep it secure on your wrist whereas the Fitbit brand ones have a piece of metal you just push in the band. she said it wasn’t secure enough as it has come apart before, now she doesn’t have to worry about that happening anymore. They have several different color options but I chose to get her the Black, Brown , and Slate ones as I felt they are a bit more versatile in everyday fashion.

Stylish way to never get lost while riding.

This review is for: NOPNOG Bicycle Phone Holder for iPhone 5s/6/6s Plus Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 GPS 360 Rotating Support Adjustable Universal Handlebear Bike Mount

This is a fantastic phone holder. My phone fit perfectly inside the clamps and the silicone straps hold the phone very tightly in the holder. The silicone straps allow extra room for larger size phones and phones in cases. I recommend when putting your phone in that you put opposite corners in first so the phone stays level. The clamp is very easy to use and has multiple settings to allow for smaller or larger handle bars and the angle is easily adjusted. It came with removable rubber strips in the clamp to keep the holder from slipping. I went for a ride in the woods and even on the rough ground the holder held my phone secure. I tried to find a fault with this holder but I was unable to. Sorry the one picture is a little blurry as my wife’s phone doesn’t take the best pics.

I received this product free of charge.


I really needed a place for extra water!

This review is for: Topc RockBros Outdoor Mountain Bicycle Saddle Bag Bike Back Seat Rear Bag Tail Pouch with Pocket for Water Bottle

This is a great bag as it has plenty of room to put your keys, bike tools and other misc items and you still have a place on the outside for an extra water bottle. It has two straps for the seat post and two that attach to the seat. The Velcro is very strong and holds the bag in place even on the roughest terrain. I was afraid that the bag would be too tall to fit between my seat and the brake but it actually fit very nicely. I like the reflective strips on the side but it would have been great if there was a strip on the back as well, you can never stand out too much to cars behind you. I love that the inside of the bag is a nice bright orange color so when you open it you can see your items inside pretty clearly. I really wish there were different color options for the stripe on the side but other than that I love this bag. The water bottle does not come with the bag it is one I got from Bicycling Magazine when I signed up for a subscription.


No more switching HDMI cables.

This review is for: Goronya 3 Port HDMI Switch/Splitter [ Ver 1.4 ] for 4K Ultra HD, 3D, Full HD 1080p | 3 in 1 out HDMI Switch with Nylon Braided HDMI Cable(1.8FT, Ultra HD 4K)

This HDMI splitter is great if you are like me and have multiple game systems. Now I am able to hook up my PS3, my Xbox one and my Wii without using up all the HDMI ports on the back of my TV. All you do is turn on the system you want to play find the channel it is on and hit the button on the splitter to switch to the correct HDMI cable. I couldn’t be happier with this unit. It says it is ready for 4K ultra and 3D but I don’t have a TV designed for either of those so I have no experience with that part. The braided cable is really nice in case you pinch the cable between the wall and anything else.


Never under cook your meat again.

This review is for: Meat Thermometer ,Besitek Super Fast Digital Electronic Food Thermometer Cooking Thermometer Barbecue Instand Read Meat/Candy/BBQ Thermometer with Probe for Oven/Grill Food Cooking- Orange

I have an old analog meat thermometer but I have been wanting to try a new digital one so I picked this one up and so far I am quite pleased with it. The color makes it very easy to spot in a cluttered drawer of utensils and the flip out probe makes it very safe to use as you don’t have to worry about accidentally sticking yourself with it. I decided to make hamburgers today so I could test it out (I love new kitchen items!). When it is inserted it doesn’t take long for the readout to climb to the temperature and the readout is very easy to read. You can switch from C to F with relative ease, you have to take out the single AAA battery (one is not included) and there is a small switch at the top of the battery compartment you have to flip and once the battery is reinstalled it will read the type of temp you want. There are two buttons and on/off button and a hold button, not sure what type of situation a hold button would be needed but features are always nice to have. Also it will not work unless the probe is out, in the closed position nothing happen. I find that to be a fantastic feature as I don’t have to worry about it accidentally turning on in the drawer and running the battery down.
The only minor complaints I have is that the screen easily fogs up when using it over a hot pan but it is still readable and the other thing is the battery door doesn’t lock into place very well. Even with those minor issues I still love this thermometer and I am going to enjoy using it!

My knee feels great now.

This review is for: N-E-R Adjustable Knee Brace Support- LARGE( 13-17″) – Ideal For Running, Jogging, Sports, Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis and Injury Recovery

This is one of the best knee braces I have ever had. I was in an accident in the late 80’s and now my knee sometimes swells and hurts like the dickens and walking without a limp can be difficult in those times. I put this brace on and my knee didn’t hurt as bad and walking was quite easy. It is quite comfortable to wear as well and it has some small rubber strips on the top and bottom inside to help keep it in place when walking around. The three Velcro straps keep the brace securely attached and there is a very soft “doughnut” around the knee cap hole and it is very supportive for the knee. Normally I will only wear my brace for a couple of hours or so and then I take it off and my knee feels great for a couple of weeks. If I am doing squats or clean & jerk in the weight room it does tend to hurt a bit afterwards if I don’t wear the brace but once I get it on the pain will usually subside in a few minutes. I am not a doctor so I can not tell you this product is what you need but for me it works wonders and I am very pleased with its performance and by the fact that it is large enough to fit without being overly tight. ( I know I need a tan. smile-emoticon)