Fake Samsung SD card from eBay

First I want to apologize to all my followers and readers for my absence, life gets in the way sometimes. Now on to the review.

So I purchased a supposed Samsung 128GB SD card on eBay from a seller named 84f_lola and after receiving the card I installed it in my phone and it read that the card was 128GB. I only realized there was an issue when the card would not save any of my pictures I took. I ran a flash test on it and found that the card was actually a 131.9355Mb card. If you decide to purchase a SD card on eBay make sure you test it before leaving any kind of feedback. I stupidly left feedback when my phone recognized it as the size stated on the package. I really hope this helps someone avoid this issue in the future. As for me I will be purchasing items like this from conventional brick and mortar stores in the future even if they cost a little more.Here is a link to 84f_lolas profile on eBay.

As they say buyer beware.



No more switching HDMI cables.

This review is for: Goronya 3 Port HDMI Switch/Splitter [ Ver 1.4 ] for 4K Ultra HD, 3D, Full HD 1080p | 3 in 1 out HDMI Switch with Nylon Braided HDMI Cable(1.8FT, Ultra HD 4K)

This HDMI splitter is great if you are like me and have multiple game systems. Now I am able to hook up my PS3, my Xbox one and my Wii without using up all the HDMI ports on the back of my TV. All you do is turn on the system you want to play find the channel it is on and hit the button on the splitter to switch to the correct HDMI cable. I couldn’t be happier with this unit. It says it is ready for 4K ultra and 3D but I don’t have a TV designed for either of those so I have no experience with that part. The braided cable is really nice in case you pinch the cable between the wall and anything else.


Find your pets favorite “places” in your home.

This review is for: FOXNOV 12 LED UV Blacklight Flashlight Pet Urine Stain Detector, 395nm with 3 AAA Batteries

This UV flashlight is super bright even with the lights on you can still see it. I love the fact that it came with the batteries in the package so I didn’t have to go buy any right away. The exterior is a very sturdy metal and there are o-rings at every joint making the light virtually water proof. There was a wrist strap attached when it arrived and the push button on the bottom is easy to use and has a very tactile cover on it. The button also clicks pretty loudly so there is no mistake that you pushed it. There are 12 LED’s and they are super bright. I took a picture of a rug on the porch my dogs lie on and I was able to find a spot so I put a nice red circle around it to make it easier to see and the picture was taken in full daylight. Not only can this be used for pet urine stains but you can also hunt for scorpions (their body will glow under the UV light) and if you are staying in a hotel room you can search for bed bugs before sleeping in it. This light will be going with me on my future trips. The picture of the scorpion in the hand is not mine I found it online, I was unable to find any scorpions locally so I was unable to do this part myself.

I received this product free of charge.

Great battery for small electronics.

This review is for: 5pcs/lot 3.7v 180mah 25c Lipo Battery for Syma S105 S107G S108 RC helicopter

I picked up these batteries because of their size. I have some small electronics I needed to run off of a battery and these were perfect for the space I had in mind. If you buy these make sure you know how to solder wires as they do not have a connector on the end, for my needs that worked out well. They are 1 inch by 3/4 of an inch and only 3/16 inch thick so they will fit pretty much anywhere you need them to. I ran a couple of them through a few cycles (never discharging them completely) and they held a charge very well. I put one in an mp3 player and got about three and a half hours of life out of it where as with the old battery I would only get about an hour before it would stop working. All in all a great buy.


Easily swap micro SD cards anytime you need.

This review is for: Micro SD card reader (No longer available)

This is a great little unit and as I have multiple micro SD cards this is a much needed and used item in my office. Just like other units on the market it doesn’t require any software and just works right out of the package. It has a small loop at one end that you can attach a strap to but I just leave it plugged in all the time so a strap would just be in my way. I do like that it comes with a cover so you can keep it protected in case you drop it in your pocket or attach it to your key chain. The one part I was disappointed about what that when you insert the micro SD into the unit it sits very loosely inside and it is possible to rock the card from side to side. You can also insert it upside down if you are not paying attention, now if you do nothing bad will happen the card just wont work is all. I popped the unit apart to see if I could see why it sits loosely inside and found that part the card slides into is just small is all. I was able to put the unit back together with ease and it stays together. Now with all of my nitpicking being said as long as you insert the card the right way up and straight it will work flawlessly and that looseness is helpful in that you can easily switch micro SD cards without removing the unit from the USB slot. All in all I am happy with this purchase and this product and I wish I would have gotten 2 or 3 of them. The shipping took a long time as I ordered on the 18th of Sept. and it arrived on the 8th of Oct. but I expected that as I knew it was coming from overseas and the shipping time didn’t affect my rating at all.


You light up my life.

This review is for: W-LITE 30W Super Bright LED Floodlight Outdoor, 2400Lm, 250W Halogen Bulb Equivalent, Lighting for Garden/Yard/Lawn/Patio/Porch, Waterproof Security Lamp, Aluminum, 3000K, Warm White

This light is super bright and very easy to hook up. It is just your basic three wires. It comes with an adjustable bracket for easy mounting and the rear of the unit is finned to help with any heat buildup. The front is covered with actual glass which I did not expect, I really thought it would be for kind of Plexiglas. I took the unit apart to see what was inside and I was very happy to see excellent build quality there as well. There is not much else I can say about this product other than it has performed as expected. On my pictures it says: Input 86-265v. I know the flash hid some of it so figured I would clarify.


Awesome headphones!

This review is for: Headphones Sweatproof In-ear Earbuds Sport Earphones with Stereo Mic & Remote Control for iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3 Players, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Nexus,etc (blue/red)

I got these Sound Intone headphones a few weeks ago and I must say they are super comfortable. I wore them while I was cutting the grass and I had no problem hearing my music without having to turn it up to full blast, plus I received a call while I was out there and I was able to hear the ringer so I could stop my mower and I was able to take the call, I am unable to feel my phone vibrate wen cutting the grass so these made my job much easier. Unlike some other headphones I have used in the past these didn’t fall out of my ears while I was moving around. The phone part is very simple to use, it has one button that answers the call and hangs the phone up and the volume is just controlled with your phone. The person I was on the phone with was surprised when I told them I was using a headset, it was very clear on both ends of the call. As most earbuds on the market this set came with some additional tips in case the stock ones do not fit. The cord is long enough so I can have my phone in my pocket without pulling the plug out every five seconds. I love how one side is red and the other is blue. I was unable to find anything to complain about with these.


I love my new USB cables.

This review is for: Micro USB Cable,ESeekGo 2 Pack 6.6Ft Samsung Galaxy S7 Charger Cable Dirtproof Braided Charger for Samsung On 5,S7 edge,Note 5 (2M/6.6Ft Black+White)

I received this set of micro USB cables and so far they are wonderful. They plugged into my phone and my tablet with no fitment issues as some cheaper cables seem to do and both charged as normal. The nylon braided material on the outside is really nice especially if you are like me and charge your phone on the nightstand, I opened one of the drawers and accidentally closed the drawer on the cable pinching it (it has happened before) the nylon protected the cable where as the rubber covered ones can be broken when pinched in a drawer. The other great thing is the extra length of the cable. Now I have a charger next to the couch, my previous cable was kind of short so it wouldn’t reach around the couch but these give me the extra length needed. Now I can charge my Xbox controller while I am playing without the cable being draped across the room.

I received these free of charge.

Great way to travel with my speaker.

This review is for: ELEGIANT Travel Bag for Bose Soundlink Mini / Mini 2 Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker – Fits the Wall Charger and Charging Cradle – Black

This bag is great. I do not have a Bose wireless speaker but I do have a different brand wireless speaker (I wont name it here). This bag has great cutouts for wires etc and for the speaker itself. The sides of the bag and semi hard almost like there is a hard plastic inside, they definitely seem tougher than if it was mere cardboard inside. Now keep in m ind when you look at my pics that my speaker is a little different size than the Bose so mine doesn’t fit perfectly but that is fine by me as i will use a piece of the excess foam to fill in the blank spaces. I am also going to cut out a new spot in the foam so I can put my 4500mAh battery in case my speaker run out of juice and I am unable to charge it.

No more dead phones in my house!

This review is for: OMBAR Toucher1 4500mAh Portable Charger Power Bank for iPhone Samsung and Other Phones 5V 2.1A- Black (Electronics)

This is a fantastic product! I let my phone die completely and this external battery charged it full in about 1 – 1 1/2 hours and the external battery still had 75% life left. I was extremely impressed at its longevity and ability to keep my phone going. The LED’s that let you know the life left in the unit are really dim and in direct light they can not really be seen but that is actually a good thing because they don’t draw a lot of power from the unit giving it a much longer life. There is a touch sensitive button (the silver section on the unit) that you can turn the unit on and off with. The package came with the only two things you need, the unit itself and a USB/micro USB cable. The cable is used for charging the external battery and the phone depending on which slot you insert it into. I love that about the unit because I don’t have to keep up with extra cables or wall chargers. In the winter we sometimes lose power anywhere from a few minutes to several days depending on the severity of the storm and now I can keep our phones charged in case of an emergency. There are larger external batteries but this size was perfect for us as we only have two phones in the house, if you have 4-5 phones I would recommend one of the larger sizes like the 11000mAh to ensure you can keep everything running with any issues. Great on trips also if you have a 12v adapter for your car.