Awesome inexpensive watch.

This review is for: Megir Men’s Quartz Watch Wristwatch with Striped Nylon Band, Black

I have a decent sized watch collection with everything from Omega to Timex but I have not heard of this brand until now. I was very happy when I took it out of the box and started looking it over. It has a very nice gold color finish on the bezel, strap keepers, and the buckle. The band is a very nice nylon and is colored in a deep navy blue and red. I like the black face as it goes with pretty much anything you might be wearing. It does have a chronograph and it does function very well, there is also a date feature between the 4 and 5 positions. I decided to take the back off so I could check out the internals and I was very impressed, unlike some other watches in the same price range, the inside of the watch is very well put together and runs off of a SR920SW battery and has no jewels. I did not expect to see any jewels in the mechanism so that is not a surprise nor is it a letdown in any way. The pins holding the band on are pre-bent to allow room for the band to move when needed without bending or damaging them. Inside the back case of the watch is a rubber ring to help with the water resistance.

Now I will move on to the bad parts of the watch. The pictures I took were all taken within minutes of opening the package. With that being said I noticed right away some damage to the gold colored plating on the chronograph buttons. It appears to have been scraped off at some point so I checked the box and there was nothing that could have made the marks of scraped the plating off. I contacted the seller about the issue so they could be on the lookout in the future and they were very apologetic. I was also very disappointed that the band was quite small and it barely fit on my wrist. The band of course can be replaced at another time with a larger band once I find one I like. I also mentioned this to the rep I spoke to. I didn’t find anything else to complain about with this watch.

I received this watch free of charge.


Fitbit doesn’t fall off anymore.

Another awesome product from I-Smile. I bought these for my sister-in-law and they are almost identical to the original ones you get from Fitbit. The tracker fits inside perfectly and the bands are pliable like the originals. the best part is they have an actual buckle to keep it secure on your wrist whereas the Fitbit brand ones have a piece of metal you just push in the band. she said it wasn’t secure enough as it has come apart before, now she doesn’t have to worry about that happening anymore. They have several different color options but I chose to get her the Black, Brown , and Slate ones as I felt they are a bit more versatile in everyday fashion.

No more sagging pants for me!

This review is for: JINIU Canvas Web Belt Military Style Black Buckle solid color 51″ Long 1.5″ wide

This canvas belt is a fantastic product. It reminds me of the ones I had when I was much younger. The belt went through the loops on my pants and the clasp is very strong. When you cut the belt to your length make sure you melt the end to keep your belt from fraying. When trying to put a knife or a holster on the belt they slip right on with no issues and come right off with ease. I wont post any pics of a knife or gun on the belt as I wouldn’t want to offend anyone. The belt came in a very nice velvet bag with a tailors tape and a small carabiner. I wish there was an Olive or Sand color offered and offering a longer size would be a nice option as there are bigger guys (my best friend) out there who want a quality belt. All in all this is a great product and I am very pleased with my choice in the color.


Fashionable all around wallet with security.

This review is for: Zoppen Multi-purpose RFID Blocking Passport Wallet (Ver.4) Organizer Holder

I got this for my wife and she loves it. She liked the mint green color, and the number of pockets inside gave her plenty of room for anything she wants to carry. Now she can leave this in her purse or carry it and leave her purse at home. She loves that it has a snap closure as some of the new bags etc. come with a magnetic closure which is not very secure. Once you snap this shut it stays closed until you want it open. There is a place to attach keys inside and a zippered change purse attached inside. I feel more secure due to the RFID blocking. She uses a card to enter her work and it is an RFID card so I had her test this function and it worked as described. There are 17 different colors to choose from so pretty much something for every woman. According to the sellers page this wallet has: passport pocket (max fit 2-3 passports), 3 credit cards slot, 1 id slot, 1 sim card pouch, 1 ticket slot, 1 coupon compartment, 1 cellphone pouch (max 5.8 inches), 1 money & coins zippered pocket (fit U.S. money), 1 key holder and 1 pen holder.

No longer will my cuffs flap in the breeze.

This review is for: Zealmer Laser Engraving Classic Silver Cufflinks Set for French Sleeve Dress Shirts with Gift Box

These cuff links are very classy and they really shine when the light hits them. The latch folds in and out with just the right amount of pressure, not easy enough that they will fall out but not so tough that you have to fight with them. They arrived in a beautiful box and inside was a nice velvet type lining, a cleaning cloth and the beautiful cuff links. The design is stunning and the difference between the brushed and polished metal is really noticeable. I believe these may be made from stainless steel as I was unable to find and kind of hallmark even when using a jewelers loupe. There is no legal stamping requirement for non-precious metals, such as tungsten, stainless steel, and titanium. The only down fall I can see is the fact that there was no option to get a tie tack that matches them, so I will have to try and find something that is similar. With that being said it does not retract from the way I feel about the cuff links. I still love them very much and think they look fantastic. I will wear them with pride.

I received these free of charge.

Awesome headphones!

This review is for: Headphones Sweatproof In-ear Earbuds Sport Earphones with Stereo Mic & Remote Control for iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3 Players, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Nexus,etc (blue/red)

I got these Sound Intone headphones a few weeks ago and I must say they are super comfortable. I wore them while I was cutting the grass and I had no problem hearing my music without having to turn it up to full blast, plus I received a call while I was out there and I was able to hear the ringer so I could stop my mower and I was able to take the call, I am unable to feel my phone vibrate wen cutting the grass so these made my job much easier. Unlike some other headphones I have used in the past these didn’t fall out of my ears while I was moving around. The phone part is very simple to use, it has one button that answers the call and hangs the phone up and the volume is just controlled with your phone. The person I was on the phone with was surprised when I told them I was using a headset, it was very clear on both ends of the call. As most earbuds on the market this set came with some additional tips in case the stock ones do not fit. The cord is long enough so I can have my phone in my pocket without pulling the plug out every five seconds. I love how one side is red and the other is blue. I was unable to find anything to complain about with these.


Finally a wedding ring I can wear almost all the time.

This review is for: MEN’S SILICONE WEDDING RING- Medical Rubber Wedding Ring Band for Active husband by LCH Signs- Signature Engraved Inside means Love, Commitment, Happiness- Black, Navy Blue & Silver

I have been with my wife for 16 years this month and I have had a couple of different wedding rings due to different circumstances (weight loss/gain, anniversary, etc.) and it has been expensive over the years. Now I have the perfect ring to wear. I have also been unable to wear my wedding ring at work due to working in dangerous environments where it is easy to lose a finger if you were wearing a metal ring that has no give. With this silicone ring I don’t have to worry about that anymore as the silicone would give way before my finger would. I opted to go with the blue as I like blue for one and also I want it to stand out. I chose the largest size available which was an 11 and even though I need a 13 the ring actually fits quite well and is not as tight as I thought it would be at first. Once I had it on for a couple of hours I really forget it is there because it is so comfortable where as with a metal ring it hits everything I touch and I am constantly reminded I am wearing it. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it today and my friends were all intrigued by it and a couple have decided to get their own. Embossed inside the ring is the size and LCH signs. I love the thought behind the name of the ring and it describes my relationship to a T. Also I don’t have to remove my ring when I am lifting weights or riding my bike as the silicone has give to it and doesn’t cause uncomfortable pinch points. Apparently the LCH stands for Love, Happiness, and Commitment.

Update: So I have been wearing this ring for a few weeks or so and I have found that unlike a normal ring there is no movement of the silicone ring at all and with that there is no way for your skin underneath the ring to breathe so in my case I have found that if I take the ring off while I sleep my finger has time to breath. I also found out that a small percentage of people will have an allergic reaction to prolonged contact with silicone.


Great way to travel with my speaker.

This review is for: ELEGIANT Travel Bag for Bose Soundlink Mini / Mini 2 Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker – Fits the Wall Charger and Charging Cradle – Black

This bag is great. I do not have a Bose wireless speaker but I do have a different brand wireless speaker (I wont name it here). This bag has great cutouts for wires etc and for the speaker itself. The sides of the bag and semi hard almost like there is a hard plastic inside, they definitely seem tougher than if it was mere cardboard inside. Now keep in m ind when you look at my pics that my speaker is a little different size than the Bose so mine doesn’t fit perfectly but that is fine by me as i will use a piece of the excess foam to fill in the blank spaces. I am also going to cut out a new spot in the foam so I can put my 4500mAh battery in case my speaker run out of juice and I am unable to charge it.

I-Smile makes another quality product to enhance my Fitbit Blaze!

This review is for: I-SMILE Stainless Steel Replacement Accessory Metal Bracelet Bands for Fitbit Blaze(No tracker, Replacement Bands Only)

I-Smile does it again with another fantastic product for the Fitbit Blaze. I picked up the silver stainless steel band and it is even better looking in person, pictures just cant do it justice. The metal is a good quality and the links are nicely spaced so that they bend and fold as they are supposed to without any binding (cheaper metal bands tend to bind at the joints). The band has a pretty common push-button deployment clasp that is easy to open but stays securely closed until you push the buttons on either side. When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised. The box contained the band, a set of the Fitbit pins, and two tools to remove any links needed to make the band fit perfectly. The band is encased in a tight shrink wrap to ensure there are no scratches when it arrives so make sure you remove all of that before trying to wear it. The only minor inconvenience I had was when I tried to attach the band to the frame, the holes the pins fit into are a little larger than the actual pin so make sure you don’t let the pin shoot out of your hand unless you enjoy crawling around on the floor. The tool that is included to remove the band links is made from plastic, however for removing a link or two it will work fine.

This product was sent to me free of charge.

Fantastic replacement band for my Fitbit Blaze!

This review is for: I-SMILE Colorful Silicone Classic Bracelet Strap Replacement Wristband with Watchband Buckle for Fitbit Blaze(No tracker, Replacement Bands Only)

I bought a lime green replacement band for my Fitbit Blaze from I-Smile  on Amazon and I will compare it to the original Fitbit band that came with my tracker. The replacement band is the exact same size (length and width) as the original and just like the original it has the size listed on the inside of each side of the band. When I attached the replacement band to the frame it was just as easy as the original and the fitment was perfect. The pins used to attach it were easy to slide and they did not bind. The only difference I noted between the two is the silicone, the original band is slightly and I do mean very slightly more pliable. With that being said the replacement band is very pliable and it is just as comfortable while sleeping as the original.

I purchased this product at a discounted rate.