Never let your food spoil again!

This review is for: FreshProtector 3-Piece Vacuum Sealer Bags Set, 8-Inch

These vacuum bags are wonderful. These bags rival the name brand bags; these are just as sturdy and work exactly the same as the originals that came with our sealer. The price of these bags are a little better than the name brand ones but the best part is I can have these shipped right to the house. After using these and the name brand bags it was difficult to tell which bag was which, as far as quality goes. I will be getting more of these in some of the larger sizes.



Never under cook your meat again.

This review is for: Meat Thermometer ,Besitek Super Fast Digital Electronic Food Thermometer Cooking Thermometer Barbecue Instand Read Meat/Candy/BBQ Thermometer with Probe for Oven/Grill Food Cooking- Orange

I have an old analog meat thermometer but I have been wanting to try a new digital one so I picked this one up and so far I am quite pleased with it. The color makes it very easy to spot in a cluttered drawer of utensils and the flip out probe makes it very safe to use as you don’t have to worry about accidentally sticking yourself with it. I decided to make hamburgers today so I could test it out (I love new kitchen items!). When it is inserted it doesn’t take long for the readout to climb to the temperature and the readout is very easy to read. You can switch from C to F with relative ease, you have to take out the single AAA battery (one is not included) and there is a small switch at the top of the battery compartment you have to flip and once the battery is reinstalled it will read the type of temp you want. There are two buttons and on/off button and a hold button, not sure what type of situation a hold button would be needed but features are always nice to have. Also it will not work unless the probe is out, in the closed position nothing happen. I find that to be a fantastic feature as I don’t have to worry about it accidentally turning on in the drawer and running the battery down.
The only minor complaints I have is that the screen easily fogs up when using it over a hot pan but it is still readable and the other thing is the battery door doesn’t lock into place very well. Even with those minor issues I still love this thermometer and I am going to enjoy using it!

Find your pets favorite “places” in your home.

This review is for: FOXNOV 12 LED UV Blacklight Flashlight Pet Urine Stain Detector, 395nm with 3 AAA Batteries

This UV flashlight is super bright even with the lights on you can still see it. I love the fact that it came with the batteries in the package so I didn’t have to go buy any right away. The exterior is a very sturdy metal and there are o-rings at every joint making the light virtually water proof. There was a wrist strap attached when it arrived and the push button on the bottom is easy to use and has a very tactile cover on it. The button also clicks pretty loudly so there is no mistake that you pushed it. There are 12 LED’s and they are super bright. I took a picture of a rug on the porch my dogs lie on and I was able to find a spot so I put a nice red circle around it to make it easier to see and the picture was taken in full daylight. Not only can this be used for pet urine stains but you can also hunt for scorpions (their body will glow under the UV light) and if you are staying in a hotel room you can search for bed bugs before sleeping in it. This light will be going with me on my future trips. The picture of the scorpion in the hand is not mine I found it online, I was unable to find any scorpions locally so I was unable to do this part myself.

I received this product free of charge.

Nice way to brighten your day!

This review is for: Acidea 6W Dimmable LED Filament Candle Light Bulb, 2700K Warm White 600LM,E12 Candlestick Base Lamp, C35 Flame Shape Bent Tip, 60W Incandescent Equivalent, 1 Pack

This is a great light bulb. It doesn’t get hot like the old bulb I had in the light, due to the heat I was unable to use the light for long periods of time as I was afraid it would damage the cover now I don’t have to worry about it. Another good thing about this bulb is that it is brighter than the old one but it is not overly bright and since the LED’s are made like filaments the output of light is much smoother and even throughout the room than a normal LED would be. I used the flash in one of my pictures so it has a bluish tint but that has nothing to do with the light bulb. Also this bulb has the smaller base so make sure yours takes the candelabra type. I love the fact that this bulb looks similar to the Edison style bulbs and that it can be used with a dimmer enabled lamp. My lamp does not have the dimmer feature so i am unable to test that part of the bulb but I have not doubt that it works as advertised.