Great unit for not a lot of money.

This review is for: Drillpro Flexible Drill Drive Shaft Silverline Rotary Power Tool Accessories Flex Flexible Screwdriver Drill for Dremel Wen etc


I compared this unit to my Dremel version and I was presently surprised at the quality of this unit. The plastic of the handle felt the same as the name brand and the sheathing on the outside feels like a quality covering. I like that this one came with the metal springs on each end to keep the cable from binding where as my name brand does not have the same feature. The one part I was very disappointed about was that this unit did not come with any tools (where as my name brand version came with the necessary tools) to loosen the lock nut, it should have a small wrench and pin to lock and loosen the lock nut. If you don’t have the small wrench that came with your Dremel then you will have to use a pair of pliers to loosen the lock nut and a small screw driver in place of the pin. This would have been a 5 star review IF it had come with the required tools as not everyone will have them just lying around or in their Dremel bag. The actual operation of the unit was very comparable to the name brand and it worked flawlessly even on the highest speed.

If you have never used one of these before I will explain it. you first remove the nut on the end of your Dremel and loosen the lock nut for your cut off wheels etc then slip the small inner cable of this unit into the lock nut and tighten it then just screw this onto your Dremel. On the other end of this unit you have a similar lock nut for your attachments and you just insert the pin into the hole near the end to keep the lock nut from spinning then loosen the lock nut, insert your attachment and tighten the lock nut.



Easy to use cable tester.

This review is for: ELEGIANT RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester Multifunction Wire Tracker Check Wire Measuring Instrument

I enjoy working on computers but I hate trying to find why a wired connection isn’t working so I got this cable tester. It comes with a transmitter and a receiver and a couple of adapter cables. The sound the receiver makes is very audible and distinctive and there is a headphone jack on the side to make it even easier to hear, also there is a flashlight under the tip and a volume switch on the front. The transmitter has a few different options; Network, Scan, Tone and Continuity. Both transmitter and receiver take a 9v battery and the cover has a screw to keep it secure. Although I don’t need this item every day it has come in handy in trying to track down a bad wire and it will stay in my toolbox.